Hear what my clients are saying about their time with me!

Melissa was so amazing to work with! My fiance was dreading doing engagement pictures and after we were done with our session he said, “That didn’t even feel like a photoshoot. That was pretty great!” I highly recommend her to anyone looking to have an incredible experience and get magical photos! – Kayla

I was so stressed at the beginning of my wedding day because my veil broke, but Melissa even went above her photography duties to help me fix it and I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to have a wedding photographer who truly cared about her clients. A+++++++ ratings from us! Oh yes, and her gallery that she delivered to me was beyond words breathtaking! Thank you Melissa!! -Tricia

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Do you do family, senior, or maternity shoots?
Yes I sure do and I love it!
How long are your photoshoots?
For engagements, family, senior, etc. these sessions last about one hour to an hour and a half. It all depends on where the location is and what in specific the client is looking for.
How much are your photoshoots? How much are your weddings?
Mini sessions (30 min) start out at $250.
Engagement sessions are $400.
Wedding packages start out at $2,750.
What should I wear to a photoshoot?
You can wear whatever best suits YOU! Dress like yourself and wear something that you feel confident and special in. Whether that means you wear a flowy dress or tore up jeans! If you have any questions I am more than happy to assist in outfit choices!
Do you use photoshop?
I do not use photoshop to alter someones appearance (make people skinnier, over soften skin, etc.), BUT I will remove acne marks. I truly believe everyone is beautiful as they are. My goal is to give you natural, timeless photography that captures your unique personality. That means that through my editing process, my goal is to make your photos look as natural as possible while still making you look 110% your best.
How soon can I expect my images after the photoshoot or wedding?
For regular photoshoots you can expect a Pixieset digital download link in 3-4 weeks.

For weddings you can expect a digital download link between 6-8 weeks.

I work very hard to get your images back as soon as possible and looking amazing as ever!
Should I prepare a list of photos for you to take during the shoot or wedding?
As much as I LOVE Pinterest for cooking ideas or holiday decor, I absolutely do not need any posed photo lists. I promise to capture every detail as you experienced it and we will create poses that are unique, beautiful, and original to your special love! I promise I have you covered!
Do you back up your images?
YES! I shiver at the thought of not double backing up my images anymore. Your memories are far to precious for me to lose and the second I get done with your session or wedding, all images are backed up to two external hard drives!
I hate being in front of the camera. What do you do to help loosen up your clients?
You would be surprised, but I hear this before 85% of my shoots and guess what?! I HATE being in front of the camera too and therefore, I have established a few things that I have found to help my clients have a blast and feel relaxed during their session. A glass of wine (or whatever you fancy) always helps but, if not I do play games with my clients to get them laughing and just get them out of the mind frame that this is a photoshoot. I want it to feel like a real intimate hangout where I get to be a hidden ninja capturing your love.
I capture it all, the hilarious out takes, intimate shoulder kisses, crying babies, and those moments of silence that speak louder than words.
Do you travel for weddings?
HECK YES! This mama loves her alone time every now and then. A good destination wedding always does the trick for me and I am not afraid to fly!